The Quill Machines

Quill cutters of different varieties

This was one of the first publications of the PPG Monograph series- The series name was chosen to convey that each book contained a lot of images and also quite a lot of text. Too often we felt that collectors books of that era (2004) were collections of images without much explanation- -our aim was to include both for beginner collectors and emphasise that there were lots of other books also worth referencing.

Most of the text ideals with the so called Bramah cutter but we have yet to find evidence that Bramah ever produced such machines- in fact it was Thomas Lund  who seems to have been one of the earliest makers.

The book does include the anatomy in detail and also some of the earlier anvil plier cutters. Since this publication  numerous old examples of cutters have surfaced and some of these are dealt with in The Writers Knife.  Price £10