Georgian Shagreen and silver Etui

Georgian circa 1730s etui with various ecoutrements, including a very special Bion style fountain pen.

A special etui with a complete set of items illustrated in the images. These include a nutmeg grater, knife, fork, tweezers, aide memoire, spoon, scissors, dividers, toothpick, flossing blade, bodkin, short (quill) knife, ear wax spoon, corkscrew, ornate engraved ruler, pencil, porte crayon, Bion style fountain pen with gold nib, Lidded silver pounce pot and wafer store. The lid and base are attractively engraved inside. The aide memoire inside is inked with the inscription "This case formally belonged to the Duke of Gordon". In the absence of hallmarks the item has been dated from the shape and forms of spoons and handles by more that two experts as circa 1730 and a similar etui is recorded with green shagreen in our archives. The black is possibly sharkskin; two silver cartouche have been added later with the initials HGB on one and  'A gift from his father 27 Aug 1840' on the other. The top and the base have attractive silver decor to add to the impact. This item is attractive in so many ways but particularly with the presence of such an early fountain pen with a gold nib. This item is illustrated in various writing equipment articles.  Price available on request.