Disposal of items/Virtual pen shows


The contents of the last  weekends were added

This is a price list of the items that were on the WEEKLY VIRTUAL PEN SHOW this weekendImage of 24 items 1. Sterling silver hallmarked rectangular croee section, tapering pencil case fitted with a small winder watch fitted with a pocket clip. Birmingham Letter N 1937 V&J Villiers and Jackson who were pencil case makers from about 1890. The pencil is a simple propel/repel unit taking 1.15mm leads £3802. Heath silver dip pen with engraved Ferrule (initials ADD or AOO9?) hammered and carved floral design - £180
3. Unusual extending ferrule with wooden haft with silver wire inlay -floral and wavy line £170
4. Sterling silver with large diameter swollen shaft. Acorn mark and design no 4551 £150
5. Hardwood decorated with inlays of Nacre and abalone –leaves and fruit £140
6. Aiken Lambert No9 barrel nib with small iridium tips. Haft is ebony and removable fitted with a brass bush £300
7. One of Bill Bishops 1951 Festival of Britain exhibition glass pens with fluted nib and bird terminal (1951 photo of Bishop with pens and article in WES journal). £75
8. Swollen ‘pregnant’ shaft decorated with hand engraving. Décor is a mix of small scroll banners and snail motifs –US makers mark Key with F £140
9. Gorham marks -large spiral with deep grooves- sterling dip pen VGC £200
10. Crystal shafted sterling ferrule French? £120
11. Spiral desk or notebook pencil ex £65
12. Silver handled mother of pearl letter opener novel circa 1870s £40
13. Mabie Todd and Bard engraved cartouche with story in box (see article on request £360
14. Unopened steel nibs £15
15. 5 unused steel barrel nibs £15
16. Box of small cedar pencil refills for silver case with brass threaded couplings £20
17. Thomas Wharton registered design ornate plaque -wafer seal and candle/taper sprung holder - (see Finlay) £200
18. Mordan VS leads in box complete with correct leads £20
19. Unopened boxes of Goode’s nibs with example exhibited £16 each
20. Portuguese unopened box of nibs £18
21. Pen holder made of Horn in the shape of an oar with a repousse ferrule and a patented line nib £75
22. Sterling US pen rack with ornate casting décor- well used but attractive £120
23. A- Riddle pen pencil from KB collection in book with an ivory shaft, which has been changed to an ebony shaft £200

23 –B Unusual Mordan with Bramah holder with ebony shaft -as it seems correct for the SM makers mark of 1822 but it has a possible later date mark for 1839